New Tourists

by Night Hag



released April 1, 2011

Released on Capitalgames Records.



all rights reserved


Night Hag Adelaide, Australia

Confidence Man - '12
Gilded Age - '11
New Tourists - '11
S/T Demo - '10

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Track Name: Escape Artist
Don't ask me anything that I can't answer with a nod, because I'd lie through my teeth as I smile and tell you just what you want to believe.
The truth is that as sure as gravity, I'd rather just up and leave.

Looking to the doorway
I'm planning my exit
I'm plotting my escape route
Avoiding the solutions
I"m penning my excuses
Don't put your trust in me
I've already made my excuses

I'm in the wrong skin
I'm a traveller in my head
I'm a tourist in my flesh

Anxious alarmist turned escape artist
I'll cover my tracks
Sift through the paper trail
But I won't be coming back

Don't want to stick around for too long in the place that I'm meant to belong
The only comfort that I will never know
I feel at home in damage control

'Sell the house
Sell the car
Sell the kids
Find someone else
Forget it
I'm never coming back
Forget it